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Access Yahoo Storage

Yahoo mail comes with 1TB of storage for all of your emailing needs. The user can find the storage which you are using and the percentage which is left behind.

Access Yahoo Storage

How to access Yahoo Mail Storage?

  • Go to Yahoo mail and click on the Settings gear icon
  • Then, choose More Settings from the screen

Now you can see the total storage and percentage which you have left and it will appear in the lower-left corner of the Window

Connect to Yahoo Cloud Storage Service

You easily can connect to Yahoo Cloud Storage-

  • Open the Yahoo mail app
  • Tap on the Profile icon from the upper-left corner
  • Tap on Settings and tap on Connect Services
  • Slide the slider appears to the right of any service which you have to connect
  • Now, sign in with the login ID of that service and password as well
  • Tap on the Allow to permit Yahoo mail to access the files

Disconnect Cloud Storage Service

You can disconnect the Cloud Storage service f Yahoo Mail and for that-

  • Open the Yahoo Mail app and then, tap on the Profile icon
  • This icon will appear in the left upper corner and tap on Settings
  • There, you have to tap on Connect Services and slide the slider to the left
  • Doing this will left for any service which you have to disconnect

You can easily access Yahoo Storage by following a few steps given above. For more storage details, contact the experts for guidelines and get storage features.

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