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Change Display, themes, and accessibility in Yahoo

Changing email background is fun and for that, one can change Display and Themes on Yahoo mail and for that, they have to make a few changes described in the given-steps

Change Display, themes, and accessibility in Yahoo

Change themes in Yahoo Mail

  • Login to your Yahoo Mail account and click on the Gear icon
  • Click on ‘Themes’ from the drop-down menu
  • Now, themes will be there on the screen
  • Click on the desired theme and preview it at the full size
  • Go to ‘Done’ from the themes menu to set the new theme
  • Try a different theme by clicking on the gear again and click on ‘Themes’

Change Yahoo Homepage Display

  • Go to the Yahoo website and enter Yahoo credentials
  • Click on the ‘Sign in’ option and check for Yahoo to remember if required
  • Preview the column ‘Yahoo Sites’ and click on the gear icon to customizing chosen site
  • Click on the gear icon to the right of the ‘Favorite’ section
  • Update Yahoo page to show the news and weather by clicking on the ‘Local’ section
  • Enter the Zipcode or address or select ‘Detect the accurate Location’
  • Click on the box ‘Add Section’ that will be above the row ‘Yahoo Originals’ video clips
  • After that, click on the links ‘Technology’ and ‘Finance’ to add them to the page
  • Now, click on the link with your name that will be appeared at above the ‘Sign out’ link
  • Click on the small square to allow a colored skin to the display like light blue at the place of white
  • Click on the Small icon to the left of the name that was selected when you set up the Yahoo profile

You can choose a new icon like your company logo or executive headshot to appear on the display and for that, click on this icon and locate a new image

One can easily change display, themes, and accessibility in Yahoo with the above-given steps. Experts’ guidance is very necessary for any issue related to Yahoo.

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