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Change Yahoo Availability status

Yahoo mail allows you to see availability status. It means you can see the online status of someone anytime you need to do so.

Change Yahoo online status

  • Click on the small arrow that will be next to the name in just upper-left corner of the main screen
  • Now, click on any of the three options ‘Busy’, ‘Invisible’, or ‘Available’
  • You also can log in by clicking on the small symbol which looks such as lightning bolt the halfway down the menu that will be next to Online Contacts
Change Yahoo Availability status

If the picture will appear in yellow, then you are signed in successfully. If it is grey and you are signed out and you have to click once on the bolt to login

Moving Ahead With

  • Click on the small triangle that will be left of Online Contacts to open a Contact list that is online
  • Those who have an icon that looks like a yellow smiley face, an icon that looks like a yellow clock means that the user is logged in but has been inactive for some time
  • There will be a orange striped symbol which indicates that the user is online but that user is busy somewhere else

The Next Step

  • Go to the Yahoo directory to find the Yahoo email addresses of the people who aren’t on the contacts list. In the Email Search section, you have to type the first and last name of the person and click on the ‘Search’ option
  • Add the Yahoo email from the results to the contacts list to check if that person is online or not

Checking only one status can be done without downloading Yahoo Messenger. By following these steps, you can check the online status of your contacts after signing in to Yahoo and if not then, the expert will guide you for the same.

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