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Check Yahoo Mail Storage Limit

Yahoo mail provides 1TB of storage limit and it means that if you have an account on Yahoo mail. 1TB space will be there for you where you can keep all the emails, photos, attachments, files and etc.

Check Yahoo Mail Storage Limit

Check Yahoo Mail Quota

To find the storage limit you have in Yahoo Mail-

  • Click on the Settings gear icon in Yahoo Mail account
  • Now, choose More Settings and the total storage and the percentage
  • It will appear in the lower-left corner of the Windows

Allowed size and storage limits for Yahoo Mail Photos

  • 100GB Total storage limit for photos
  • The Photo size is limited to 5MB size per photo
  • Whatever photos are posted on the page counts towards the 100GB limit
  • The Total Photo Storage depends on the resolution/size of the certain photos
  • But still, you can store up to various thousand photos

The Allowed Storage and Size limits for Yahoo Mail Attachments and Files

  • 10MB total Storage Limit for attachments and files
  • 5MB size limit per file or attachment and not more
  • All the content posted on the Attachments or Files pages counts against the permitted 100 MB limit

When the content exceeds the maximum storage limits for these features and still wants to add more of the content, and you have to remove the existing items for making some space for the new ones.

Yahoo Drive Free Storage Limit

It will allow you to keep these data simply accessible and use them for better and reference communication. In most cases, the 1TB of storage space is more than enough for Yahoo users to keep all important data in a single place. There is no need to pay at all as you can use a Yahoo Mail account for free. If you want to check it then, just get expert guidance for the same and you are all set.

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