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Download Attachments File in Yahoo Mail

Yahoo Mail allows you to download the attachment files and there are a few safety tips that you should follow before downloading email attachments.

Download Attachments File in Yahoo Mail

Safety before downloading the Attachment file

Although Yahoo mail will scan the email attachments for malware links or viruses and this makes it safe for downloading attachments. It is highly recommended to Download Attachments File in Yahoo Mailonly which are sent by your known people even if the file is scanned. Apart from this, you can ask the sender for confirmation of the attachment file if it comes unexpectedly and then downloads it.

Download Yahoo email attachment

  • First and foremost, login to the Yahoo Mail Account
  • Navigate the email which has the attachments to download
  • Click on the email and look for the reading panel, and you will see the blue clickable link for every file attached to the email
  • Click on the attachment link and then, Yahoo mail will scan the file for detecting any virus
  • If the file is safe to download then, Yahoo Mail will pop up with a message ‘No Viruses Detected’
  • Click on the option that says ‘Download Attachment’ option and Yahoo Mail will come with a file download dialog and hence never click on the ‘Open’ option

Click on the ‘Save’ option to create a copy of the attached file on your PC, and when you saved the email attachment on the desktop then, you can minimize the window and double-click on the downloaded attachment to open it

  • Now, the file will be attached to the Yahoo email and the saved copy on the PC
  • If you have decided to edit the file and make some changes then, the changes will be saved on your PC

In case, if you have downloaded malware embedded attachments then, you should immediately remove that file and get expert assistance for the same.

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