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Edit Yahoo Account Security Settings

Sometimes, the users all need to do is to edit the Yahoo Account Security Settings and for that, they have to stick with a few steps.

Edit Yahoo Account Security Settings

Edit Yahoo Mail Account Security Settings

Elect the tab of Account security to-

Click the name of the item for editing it and it depends on what are you electing, a new screen will be open. In the case of choosing the password change option, a screen will be open and ask you to enter and check a new password.

Edit Email, Name, and Other Yahoo Account Settings

Click on the full name in the Personal info section and you can-

  • Change your account username
  • Add email addresses to the Yahoo Account
  • Enter the Yahoo Messenger handle
  • Add any phone number, websites, and addresses you have to link with the account
  • Now click on the Save option by scrolling down when you are all set

Edit Yahoo Account Preferences

  • Click on the Preferences tab and edit the language, locations, as well as content preferences
  • Choose Languages and Locations to edit the place and language you want Yahoo to appear the content in that. Location detail will be detected automatically and is used for providing content specifically for your region
  • If you are choosing an incorrect location then, click on option No, Detect again unless the correct location shows up
  • After that, click on Yes when the correct one shows the save the location
  • Elect Content Preferences for subscription configuration and linked account

These changes are very easy to make but in case, if you are not able to do so then, all you have to do is to get expert guidance in case of configuration settings and setup.

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