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Experimenting Yahoo Mail Feature

Yahoo mail is a reputed email service program and it comes with a variety of features that allow you to send email in an attractive and professional way. Apart from this, this bunch of features will make your email experience fantastic so that you can enjoy your emailing job.

Experimenting Yahoo Mail Feature

Yahoo Mail Quick Actions

Yahoo has revealed the capability to take control of more action, directly from the home screen using the Android app. The iOS users can enjoy some of the same updates and you can customize the notification swipe actions so that you can delete, archive, star, and more directly from the notification on the home screen.

Email Preview for iOS in Yahoo Mail

People usually want to control the number of emails which they see while receiving a push notification. Now, the user has capability to set the notifications to show the complete email or can only adjust it so that they can see the first few lines. For disabling email preview, go to the Settings and tap on Notifications and then, disable the ‘Show Previews’ under the notifications.

Yahoo Email Notifications you want to see

Go through all of the emails which you receive, from businesses to friends, to get those from the people whom you care about most can be tough. And unless now, you had the option to receive email notifications for everyone, and starting today, you can enable the people-only notifications on Android, iOS, and desktop so that important emails from family and friends don’t get hidden in the inbox. You only will get home screen notifications for the email from people, not for newsletters or promotions.

These are a few outstanding features that will enhance the experience of the users while using yahoo mail for emailing purposes; you can contact experts for any assistance.

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