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Find Emails in Yahoo Mail Account

Finding emails are not an easy task because people usually get stuck when they don’t find an old email in their Mail account.

Find old Yahoo emails in Inbox

  • Firstly sign in to your Yahoo Mail account and click on the gear icon
  • Now, choose “Help” from the menu options
  • Enter the “Restore deleted or lost emails” in the Search Help field
  • After that, click on “Restore deleted or lost emails or IMs” from the result that appears in the list
Find Emails in Yahoo Mail Account

Find emails from a sender in Yahoo Mail

To find all emails from contact by name in the Yahoo Mail, you have to-

  • Find an email from the contact in your inbox or another file/folder
  • Now, hover the mouse on the sender’s name
  • Choose the icon that looks like “Magnifying Glass” and appears just next to the sender’s name

These all messages from the chosen sender appear in a list

Find All Email from Sender in Yahoo Mail Basic

  • Firstly, open a message from the sender in the Yahoo Mail Basic
  • Highlight the email address in the From field and press the Ctrl + C or Command + v To paste that email address
  • After that, all you have to choose is Search Mail

These are the best way to find emails in Yahoo mail and if you think that there is an error occurred or you aren’t able to do so then, the expert will guide you for the same.

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