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Search email Folders in Yahoo Mail

Yahoo mail allows users to organize different emails into different folders to keep their inbox clutter-free. Emails will be there in the folder so, rather than searching for folders, choose email. You can search emails through the folder and for that, follow the steps.

Search email Folders in Yahoo Mail

Use Search Box to Find Yahoo Email

  • First and foremost, sign in to your Yahoo mail account
  • Go to the Search box from the top of the page
  • Enter the query and choose the magnifying glass
  • Then, enter the name of the contact to see all emails from that address
  • After that, enter the keyword for a wider search

Yahoo Mail Search Filters

To narrow the search, you have to-

  • Choose the Search drop-down arrow that will be there next to the magnifying glass
  • Now, you can see the search filters
  • There, you have to elect to search in the individual folders

You can find emails that are received within a certain time frame or get back only messages with attachments

Find Yahoo Emails from Sender

Searching for all emails from the contact by name in Yahoo Mail, you have to-

  • Find the message from the contact in Inbox or another folder
  • Hover the cursor over the sender’s name and choose the magnifying glass that will be there next to the name of the sender
  • Now all of the messages sender lists will appear on the screen

Find Emails from Open Email

You can also find the sender’s other emails from the open email-

  • Open the email from the contact in the Yahoo Mail
  • Hover the mouse cursor on the email address in the header of the message
  • Now, choose the magnifying glass that appears in the pop-up window that appears

You can easily search email Folders in Yahoo Mail and for that, these steps are given. In case of any difficulties, get expert guidance to fix everything.

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