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Send Emails with Attachments in Yahoo Mail

Yahoo mail allows you to attach any file to the email message in Yahoo Mail. You have the facility to send spreadsheets, images, PDFs, as well as any other document or file and the size should be under 25 MB.

Send Emails with Attachments in Yahoo Mail

Steps for File Attachment in Yahoo Mail

Attaching one or more than one file to the email is possible to compose in Yahoo Mail-

Start the New Message and choose toolbar from the bottom and then choose the icon that looks like Paperclip (attachment icon) to Send Emails with Attachments in Yahoo Mail very easily.

Choose one of the options that will look like-

  • Cloud Providers sharing files
  • File attachments from the computer
  • Add photos from current emails
  • Enter animated GIFs
  • Now, navigate and mark the file which you have to attach and choose Open

You are all set with composing your emails along with attachment and send the email

Send Attachment using Yahoo Mail App

Attaching files to an email which you send by using the Yahoo mail app is simple and for that-

  • Open a new message and select the + icon that will be there in the lower-right corner
  • Choose the Paperclip icon and then, you will see the recent attachment list
  • Tap on the icons that will be there at the top of the screen to find images that will be there in the cloud account or on the hard drive
  • Choose the files which you have to include and then select the option Attach

You are all set with finishing the message and send the email using your Yahoo mail account

Forward Emails with Attachments in Yahoo Mail

  • Open the email which you have to forward in Yahoo Mail
  • Choose the Forward option to appear in the message window and the icon will look like an arrow that will point to the right
  • Enter the recipient address on the ‘To’ line and add the body text in case if you want
  • Choose to Send and then, the message and the original attachment will be sent to the recipient you chose

These steps will help you to send emails along with attachments and in case of a big file, you can get expert guidance for sending a big file.

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