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Use Google Drive with Yahoo Mail

You can use Google Drive with Yahoo mail and for that-

Connect Google Drive with Yahoo Mail –

When you share a file with someone, they only will be able to see it and you can change the way files can be shared from the Google Drive

Use Google Drive with Yahoo Mail
  • Go to Yahoo Mail on the desktop and choose the Compose button
  • Click on the Attach File that appears at the bottom of the page and go to Send option
  • Choose the option ‘Share files from cloud providers and a page will open
  • Click on the Google Drive appears on the right side of the page and the window will then open
  • Sign in by entering Google account username and password in Window and click on Sign in
  • Allow Yahoo mail to access your files and use Yahoo mail to attack or save files from Google Drive easily

If you are using the Yahoo mail app then, you can activate this feature on the Mobile device, and for that-

  • Open the Yahoo Mail app and go to the Compose icon
  • Now, choose the Quick Attach icon on the screen
  • Go to the Cloud Storage icon and choose the Google Drive
  • Finish the on-screen prompts to set up Google Drive on Yahoo Mail account successfully

Remove Yahoo from Google Drive on Android

Stop sharing a file or change who can see it

On Android-

Removing Yahoo mail from Google Drive at any time is easy and for that-

  • Sign in to on the computer
  • Click on the Settings icon and then, click on Manage Apps
  • Now, click on options that appear next to ‘Yahoo Mail’
  • Click on the Disconnect from Drive and you are all done

On iPhone or iPad-

You can remove Yahoo Mail from Google Drive anytime-

  • Sign in to on the computer
  • Click on the Settings the gear icon
  • Click on Options appear next to Yahoo Mail
  • Click on the disconnect from the Drive

Follow the given steps as it is mentioned to connect or disconnect Yahoo mail from Google drive. For more info, get in touch with experts for all of the details.

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