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Yahoo Account Information

You should keep your Yahoo account up-to-date all the time to make it works properly. You can change Yahoo Account Information for better usage of the service.

Yahoo Account Information

How to Edit Yahoo Mail Account Information?

Change Profile Details-

  • Go to Yahoo Mail Account and click on the name or profile picture that will be there in the top-right corner of the screen
  • Choose Account Info so that to open the Account Info Panel
  • Elect the Personal Info option and change any personal details which you want to change
  • You can edit your name, gender, nickname, alias, birthday along with other identities and elect the Account Security Tab

You can change the password, phone number, and can start the two-step verification and an alternate recovery email address

Some more changes in Yahoo Account

Change Yahoo Mail Password-

  • Now, this is the time to click on the Change Password from the Account Security panel to change the password. Confirm the new password by electing a strong one
  • Click on Add Recovery Email Address to link an alternate email address with the Yahoo account in case, if you get locked out
  • Enter the email address and click on the Send Verification Email option and then, open the confirmation email when it comes and follow the instructions to confirm that you can access the account

Change Yahoo Mail Language-

  • Firstly, choose the Preferences tab to change your default language or location
  • Click on the link that is embedded in Detect My Location to decide where if your location is
  • Enter the additional languages in the Language domain and then, click on the Add option to add them

This account information only works in case of using an updated Yahoo Mail app. These are very simple steps but you can get info about Yahoo from experts for a better experience.

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