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Yahoo has launched new features: Enhances the Email Experience

Yahoo mail is already doing its best to provide an excellent emailing experience to the users but now, it has become more advanced. The newly added features are there to excite you as you can use this email service for mail exchange. This is one of the fast and reliable email service programs and with these new launches, it has become more powerful. We will discuss all of them which Yahoo has launched new features in 2022.

Yahoo has launched new features: Enhances the Email Experience

Fast and Beautiful

Speed is very essential for the users and dedicated a lot of time to enhancing the entire app performance. When you open Yahoo Mail, the app is snappy, and actions are transitions and responsive are quick and smooth. From the start, you might have noticed that the new app is intuitive, clean, and beautiful.

The key elements include-

Avatars- There are no such ugly avatars. If you cannot get a photo, you will enter a gray contact icon or might be a colorful letter. But the photo contrast and default avatars look ugly to the owner, so it is merged with Flickr to show the sender’s initials from the photo taken from the library of the stunning images.

Photos- Yahoo is the only mail service that can connect to LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook, so you can see excellent photos from the senders more often.

Contact Cards- No email app knows that the people in the inbox are better than the new Mail App. Tap anyone in the email to see the contact details which they have shared with you. This information includes company, name, title, even recent tweets. Yahoo mail maintains all of them for you, automatically when someone is not in your address book.

Long press to choose more than one message- If you want to move or remove mass emails at once then, you can do so. Just tap and hold on to the email and you will be in the multi-select mode. You can choose to undo the recent action if you have made a mistake.

Swipe to triage- Swipe right on the message to mark it as read or unread and you also can swipe left to delete the message

Get News in Yahoo Mail- If you want to take a break from the inbox. You can check the top stories on Yahoo with the tap on the Yahoo News icon from the top right side.

Smart Interface

If you have forgotten to scroll and folder then, Yahoo mail New Search allows you to find a photo, message, or attachment with just a few taps.

There are most people look for things by the sender, so Yahoo came with the fastest and simplest way to search. Just type the person’s name and you will see a few suggestions of the name which is in your contact. The results organize into the messages, attachments, and photos automatically which you have shared or received. It might be something which you have sent. Just toggle the result to see the messages which you have sent to that person.

Of course, sometimes you want to search the keyword and the app will start making some smart suggestions. Results are more relevant and you can search across photos, attachments, and messages.

Compose Emails in Better Way

Yahoo has made it even simpler to create and send effective and beautiful emails.

Attach videos or photos from the phone by clicking on the “+” icon on the new message. Videos and photos will appear in the email, scaled automatically. It is best to attach instead of showing photos in the message. Tap on the “…” on the photo to convert it to the normal attachment.

There are a lot of people who send emails to themselves with notes and reminders throughout the day. To send an email yourself, you have to long-press the compose button

Apart from these, Yahoo also has made some changes in security. The account key is a feature through which you can access your account securely without entering a password. You will get a code on the linked number every time you want to access your account. Account Key has push notifications that provide a secure and fast method for you to access the account from the Smartphone.

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